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Week 1 – “Letting Go” – Light Clearing Meditation

A light general purpose clearing meditation to help you to clear anything that is holding you back.   When you have a block or an undesired feeling that keeps cropping up – simply use this meditation and ask yourself the question about the block at the appropriate time.

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Week 2 – Finding Your Purpose

Light meditation to connect to your source and find answers to the questions you need to ask around your passion and purpose in life and  around who you are here to serve and what it is that you are truly here to create 

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Week 4 – Chakra Energising Meditation

This light Chakra energising meditation has been specifically designed to help you energise and fill up the 7 key chakra energy points in your body – this is an essential meditation for times where you are in change that may affect your grounding and therefore your ability to connect to your Source.  Re-energise with this meditation before seeking connection and asking your questions.

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Week 5 – Wealth Wiring Audio Hypnosis 

Hypnosis Audio for wiring a “Wealthy and Abundance” mentality – Suggest listening to every day for 21 days to help install new beliefs.  Suggest use the “Wealth Clearing Meditation” prior to using this.

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Week 6 – Mind, Body and Soul Health

Healing Vortex Hypnotic Audio – This is a powerful healing audio to use if you have something physical that you need to clear or if you just want to clear out any toxic thoughts of the day – super mind, body and soul healing.

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self love

Week 7 – Self Love 

Powerful meditation to help you with the most important love in the world – self love.  Without self love, you will be unable to truly tap into all that life has to offer.  Love and feel true to yourself first, so that you are able to invite in the love of your life and show up as your best self.

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Week 8 – Confidence

Audio Hypnosis to install inner and outer confidence!  Listen for 21 days consecutively to allow your mind to accept this as the new “familiar” path.

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Bonus 1 – Law of Attraction Accelerator

The 5 step Law of Attraction Manifestation process PLUS the Accelerator Tip!

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Bonus 2 – Morning Meditation 

A beautiful uplifting morning meditation to set you up for the day!

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Bonus 3 – Evening Meditation 

An evening meditation to help you release any stresses from the day and allow you to have a deep and restful sleep.

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