Work with Me 

RTT – 1:1 Session


  • 30 Min Discovery call
  • 1 x RTT Session (2.5 – 3hrs)
  • Unlimited email support for 28 days
  • Unique personalised hypnosis transformation audio to take away with you
  • Regular email check ins with you
  • Scheduled call at 21 days to discuss progress and guidance moving forwards

Free from Anxiety!

8 Week RTT + Coaching Package


  • 30 Min Discovery Call 
  • 1 x RTT Session (2.5-3hrs) to find and release the root cause of the anxiety
  • Unlimited email support for 8 weeks
  • Unique personalised hypnosis transformation audio to install new desired beliefs directly into the subconscious mind
  • 5 weeks of Video content and LIVE coaching calls to show you how to manage your mind to implement lasting change in your life.
    Covers ALL aspects of Anxiety in the mind, body and energetic aura and includes confidence, self esteem and Success Mindset tips to move forward 

“Feminine Fire: Ignite Your Passion
Purpose, Potential”

  • My signature 16 week program to help female professionals and entrepreneurs to smash through their limiting beliefs and transform:
    – money blocks
    – visibility fears
    –  impostor syndrome
    – lack of confidence/self worth
    – lack of clarity of purpose
    – lack of connection…& so much more 
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  • Warning…this program WILL transform your business and your life! See testimonials!