What To Do When Affirmations Don’t Work

When the positive affirmations aren’t working, and when the manifestations are simply just not erm….well manifesting – then life can seem an uphill struggle.

I know…

Because I’ve been there. During a particularly difficult and stressful 18 months, no matter what I did, I couldn’t seem to get myself out of the sinking hole I felt myself falling in to.  I was trying to stay positive, and doing everything that I was being told to in all the trainings I was doing.  Yet somehow I was still stuck earning the same income from my online business, attracting the wrong type of clients that I truly wanted to work with and knowing that I was doing the wrong type of job. My heart wasn’t in it.

Combine that with a series of “life events” over a 12 month period that would have seriously tested the most motivated of people and frankly I was at a pretty low point in my life.  How on earth was I supposed to remain positive and imagine my life to be where I wanted it to be. I barely even wanted to get out of bed!  Well long story short – because if you can relate to any of that – then stay with me.

You see those things I mentioned above DO work. All of them.

But when you are so stuck in a rut and find yourself repeating (non-serving) patterns of behaviour over and over it can be so hard to believe that they do. And because all of them rely on actually “believing” in the process…..it’s a bit of a catch 22 right?  So fast forward to today. I own a business that I love and that pays me well, I have massive support from friends and family, I’ve had 4 luxury holidays (vacations) with my family this year, I can take time off whenever I choose as it’s MY business and I am able to make sure that I look after myself with lots of ME time too!

And all because I got to the ROOT cause of what was holding me back.

You see no matter what we want to try and achieve in life, we ARE governed by our thoughts and beliefs. And 95% of our thoughts and beliefs occur in our sub-conscious mind where things just happen “automatically”. Like when you drive a car. Once you’ve learned how – your mind stores all the thoughts you need to actually drive it and you just do it.

Have you ever driven to the office or gone somewhere and then arrived and don’t remember the journey? It’s because you were actually operating from your sub-conscious mind – effectively on ‘auto pilot’.

So that’s good….but what if you made an assumption…..a BELIEF about something that happened to you as a child that was stored in your sub conscious mind. And then what if this belief was now affecting a part of your life that if you actually KNEW about it….you would know exactly why it was holding you back.

But the problem is…..you DON’T KNOW that you believe this because it’s locked away in your sub conscious mind.

Well this is so common that it affects pretty much everyone in their daily life because we are shaped by what goes on around us from a very early age. We pick up beliefs from our parents or key influencers and without knowing it we adopt them into our lives through repetitive thoughts, words and actions.

You only have to think about all the cartoons or animations for children where the “villain” is the rich, wealthy one and the good one is the poor person. Then when parents unwittingly say “money doesn’t grow on trees” – it’s no wonder that so many of us have deep rooted “fears” of actually being wealthy because of who we would become despite the fact that our current and conscious mind may be craving it.

But of course this relates to so many aspects of our life it is truly fascinating.

Weight, money, phobias, relationship problems and pretty much anything where you find yourself going back to “familiar” patterns and can’t seem to break them. Maybe you’re always attracted to the same type of partner that is always wrong for you – maybe you can’t seem to achieve that promotion even though you know you are so right for the job.

Whatever the issue is – the key to knowing how to resolve it is to realise that you were probably not born with it. And if you weren’t born with it – then it is a ‘learned belief’.

And if it’s a learned belief that your mind has held on to -then once it can be found…it can be kicked out and reframed to an adult belief and one that serves you so much better.

Once I had uncovered and then kicked out the “root cause” and the underlying belief that I had as a child that was holding me back today – I have not looked back.

So if you know, and I mean really KNOW that you have something that is holding you back….then why not schedule a free 20-30 minute consultation with me where I will explain what you can do to get yourself from being stuck and I’ll tell you a bit about RTT to see if it’s a fit for you.