What Is RTT?

Rapid Transformation Therapy

and My 5 Step Pathway to Freedom

“RTT Frees You From Anxiety, Stress, Debilitating Conditions Or Lifelong Blocks That Are
Holding You Back From Allowing You To Fulfil Your Potential and Enjoying Life to the Max”

In today’s ‘fast living’ world it is sometimes only when we are ill or on holiday that we stop for a moment and realise that we are really struggling with issues that are stopping us from enjoying our lives to the fullest. We learn to just “make do” and accept the things that appear to be happening to us because either we don’t know how to fix them, or we know that the only treatment available is medication that attempts to treat the symptoms and not the root cause.

Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT) and my own unique 5 Step Pathway to Freedom is a unique form of Therapy because not only does it identify and address the root cause of the presented problem, but it then fixes and releases the body from the problem and allows the client to be free.

The results are transformational for my clients!

And the best part?

It’s FAST!

Just ONE 90 minute RTT session combined with my unique 5 step Transformational Change therapy is usually all that is required!

If you find yourself repeating unwanted patterns of behaviour over and over again and seem powerless to stop,   you don’t want to be talking about it for weeks, months or even years you want rapid results . RTT and my own unique transformational therapy aims to deliver permanent , lasting change in just 1 session. (NB Some deep rooted or traumatic issues may take up to 3 sessions.)

I Can Also Help You With…

  • Digestive Disorders/IBS
  • Skin Conditions
  • Hair Growth//Alopecia
  • Insomnia
  • Public Speaking
  • & Much More…

How Does RTT  & My Unique 5 Step Pathway to Freedom Formula Work?

The RTT system is quite simply a system that taps into our subconscious mind to find out why a belief or physical condition has been created in our body.  It was originally created by Marisa Peer, a London based psychologist and hypnotherapist who used some of the best techniques from the field of hypnosis, CBT, psychotherapy, psychology, and NLP.  I have been trained personally by Marisa Peer and am now an Advanced RTT Therapist.  Combined with my unique coaching and transformational skills, my clients are achieving life changing results – you can read just a small sample of my testimonials on my “Success Stories” page.

Our subconscious mind stores every single thing that has ever happened to us and stores it a bit like a computer – but we can only access or remember about 5% of what has happened to us in our conscious mind.

Sadness, or a feeling of not reaching your full potential, anxiety and lack of self-belief can be incredibly debilitating, they can get in the way of your confidence, your family life, your career, intimate relationships, self-esteem, your ability to earn your worth and it can even affect your physical health.  Did you know that anxiety can lead to more serious conditions including physical manifestations of depression, skin conditions, irritability, poor concentration, weight issues, digestive disorders, fatigue, low libido and a low immune system causing you to get ill more frequently?

The results of this can be devastating in the worst case, or just simply restrict you from feeling happiness and valuing your self-worth.

Identifying the Cause

You cannot “fix” what you don’t know about so if you don’t know what the root cause of your issue is – then how can you fix it?

No matter how long you talk about it – your conscious mind cannot recall WHY your mind first came up with the belief and so you are left being only able to treat the SYMPTOMS and not the underlying cause.  Any treatment that does not address the root cause, is merely acting as a ‘band-aid’.

       –   Have you ever seen a friend always go for the wrong type of relationship, or claim that they can never meet and fall in love with the right person? – (or maybe that’s you)!
       –   Have you ever felt you could perform so much better at work or in your own business if you could do public speaking, or have more confidence in yourself or be more assertive?
       –   Ever thought you are holding yourself back from achieving happiness but you’re not sure why?
       –   Maybe you have anxiety, stress or an unexplained illness or phobia that you’ve tried hypnosis or other treatments for but they haven’t worked.
       –   Maybe you seem to make money and then lose it all again, or you feel like you should have so much more but are blocking yourself in some way.

Whatever your presenting ‘issue’ is I can probably help.

You see you are not born with any of these issues which means you have learned them and created a limiting belief.

The good news is…..that once we identify what has caused you to feel or act in that way – then we can get rid of the belief and replace the belief with one that will serve you so much better..

‘”The “Fix”

Once we have identified the root cause of the presenting problem, we are able to release the old beliefs or trauma in your body and then replace the negative feelings with some new positive suggestions directly into your sub conscious mind.

The final part of the session is recording a unique, personalised audio to take away and listen to for the next 21 days. This is to ensure that the “new” positive beliefs and traits become familiar to your mind.

It is an astonishingly simple, but skilled and deep technique that has the most amazing and liberating results, and of course the best part for the client – it’s FAST so most symptoms only need ONE 90 minute session as opposed to years of talk therapy.

Most clients report feeling ‘lighter’ and ‘happier’ and strangely relaxed like a great weight has been lifted and will walk away immediately feeling incredible. Others will have cumulative progress through listening to the audio that reaffirms their new “familiar” habit or behaviour and some will have retrospective changes that when they look back over 2-3 months they see there have been some major shifts.

Either way, with an advanced  RTT therapist there are always positive changes.

I have been an advocate of personal development and mindset coaching for over 15 years and when I discovered RTT this made perfect sense to me.  Since qualifying, I have gone on to uplevel my skills and am now an Advanced RTT Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and also an assistant Trainer at the RTT school  –   I am also an accredited Law of Attraction and Success Mindset Coach and have created my own unique 5 step ‘Freedom Formula’ process for long lasting transformational change.  So essentially when you book in a session with me, you will be able to not only fix the block that you came to me for, but you will go away with the tools to know exactly how to make other changes in your life too.

If Anxiety is a particular issue for you, or someone you know, then I have put together a FREE video series on what Anxiety really is, why we have it and of course how to be free from it.  You can access that by clicking here.


My signature programme is a 16 week Life Transforming program for women Feminine Fire: Ignite Your Passion, Purpose, Potential  which you can read more about HERE.

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RTT is endorsed by the General Hypnotherapy Register, the Complementary and Natural Health Care Council, the National and International Council of Psychotherapists, the American Board of Hypnotherapy and the International Association of Complementary Therapists – It has also won numerous awards.

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