Treating Relationship Issues with Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)

“Freeing You From Repetitive Behaviours and Blocks To Allow You To Fulfil Your Potential and Enjoy Life to the Max”

For some people, finding the right partner in life can be an uphill struggle as they seem to attract the same type of man or woman each time. Partners that don’t seem to want to commit, ones that are always married, or ones that don’t seem to think about anyone else than themselves, or who fail to do what they say they’ll do, ones that treat you badly and with no respect, or worse, partners who actually physically or mentally abuse you.

And if any of that sounds familiar to you – then you’re not alone.

Many people go through life drifting from one relationship to the next – each time thinking THIS one will be different. Yet somehow it ends the same.

You may even recognize that you always attract the same “type” but you can’t seem to ever do anything about it – you just feel magnetically drawn to them. You may even have gone to a relationship counsellor, or done the ‘Law of Attraction’ – written out your exact specification of a man (or woman) that you would like in your life, but then when it works and you find someone good…somehow you manage to mess it up.

You KNOW that you’re still attracting the wrong type of person into your life yet you seem helpless to do anything about it. You’ve even started to think you are better off without a partner, or worse….that you will have to “make do” with someone who you just know is NOT the love of your life.

Or maybe it’s YOU who feels you are incapable of loving someone fully and maybe it’s YOU that backs away from any sort of commitment or somehow manages to sabotage any relationship that was going well.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Let me explain why this happens….and more importantly what you can do about it.

But first let me reassure you – you really CAN “fix” this in your life I promise you. I have come across people who think that they will never find that ideal partner, that they could never love someone completely and not want someone else, or that the partner of their dreams is just not out there.

But you can fix all of this, if you understand a few things about how your mind works and how it’s involved in the “Love and Relationships” part of our lives.

There are quite a few “Rules of the Mind’…..but we will focus on the three most relevant ones here.

Crucial Rule of the Mind #1

1) The Mind will always move you towards what is “familiar”

Your brain is actually hard wired to keep returning you to what is “familiar” which is why you keep repeating the same pattern of behaviour.

If you’re interested, here’s why (if not, skip ahead to point 2!).

Back in our early primitive days – it was not a good idea to head out of our Tribes because it was dangerous. We stuck with what was familiar because it was safe, and ultimately our minds are there to protect us. So that tendency towards familiarity is now genetically programmed in us as a “default” when we don’t control our minds voluntarily. When we are babies, we like the same foods, we watch the same movies over and over because we are programmed and hard wired towards familiarity and we reject what is unfamiliar. Some people will even reject love, reject wealth and reject success if it is ‘unfamiliar’ to them.

Crucial Rule of the Mind #2

2) The pictures we put in our mind and the words that we say to ourselves actually control our thoughts, emotions and actions.

Now bear with me here because we’ve all heard that we need to think positively, and everything will be ok…..hmmm but it doesn’t always work does it…….?!!

But here’s what we CAN control in life.

Nothing…..except……our thoughts!!

Every action we take, is first controlled by a thought. If we want to change our outcomes – we need to change the words and the pictures we put in our minds (our thoughts) which then changes our actions which then changes our outcomes.

Okay so wow – that’s a powerful one right? And if it’s the first time you’ve ever come across this then you might wonder why you don’t get taught this at school. (Yep!! I wonder about that too! – hence once I discovered this, I was SO keen to get this out into the world and share it because it literally transformed my life!)

Sooooooo if your mind works on the “default” or the “familiar” – then it’s not your fault because you didn’t know about it until now.

BUT….if you are putting negative images or words into your minds ………then oh yeah…’re doing this to yourself (sorry!) – but once again – it’s not your fault. Because no-one ever told you that.

So there you go! Just think positively about the sort of relationship you want and it will magically appear.

Well it CAN be that simple in a lot of cases – so go ahead and try it.

BUT…there can also be a problem……

Remember that the mind moves towards what is familiar.

Here’s a third rule of the mind that is very important here.

Crucial Rule of the Mind #3

3) . Your mind cannot hold two contradicting thoughts at the same time.

When you are in a dilemma when your mind is telling you one thing but your heart is telling you another …..which one wins? Emotion or logic?


Every single time – BUT you may not even be aware that your mind linked an emotion to an act from years ago.

Unless you are very strong and very aware of what you are telling your mind your mind’s default will be emotion that is attached to a belief that we could have made when we were just a small child that we cannot remember.

So to illustrate this point – let me tell you about “Fiona” (name changed) who is a real life RTT client.

Case Study – “Fiona”

Fiona kept having relationships with men who would treat her badly and she was sick and tired of being broken hearted and longed for someone to treat her with respect and love and for her to fall in love with him.

So Fiona was a lady who (prior to RTT) would continually attract the “wrong” sort of man for her. They would end up treating her badly and even though she KNEW that she needed to change her choices…..she just couldn’t seem to do it.

She heard about RTT and had a conversation about it but she did not take up the RTT session at this time, but she did have a consultation about it.

During the consultation,  Fiona revealed that her Father used to put her down, diminish her and pretty much ignore her for most of her life and he never praised her.

Years later if she met a guy in a bar who ignored her and put her down, not praise her – her mind recognized it as “familiar” and she found she was sub consciously attracted and wired to move towards him and say things like “it just clicked with us”.

Of course the relationships were always doomed.

After the RTT consultation, Fiona now understood how her mind had steered her towards what was familiar and she felt comfortable to try dating again with her new found knowledge  without having a full RTT session.

This time she attracted the perfect man for her – he was kind, took her out to dinner and was so different to the sort of person she usually attracted that she was absolutely amazed and she had the most wonderful evening. She was blown away at how she had been able to literally control the sort of person she attracted.

But here’s what happened next!

His behaviour was so “unfamiliar” to her that her mind did not recognise it and so her mind immediately tried to move her away from him and she found herself having thoughts of “he’s too good for me” and “I need to finish with him”.

She finally booked an RTT session and through the process of hypnosis, regression and clearing, she was able to clear out and discard the old beliefs and changed them to being “unfamiliar” and then added the new positive beliefs that she deserves men like this and then made that “familiar”.

Fiona is now very happy in a wonderful loving relationship.

Why RTT is SO Effective

Because most of our beliefs are built up in our minds between the ages of 0 to 7 years old they would be ‘immature’ beliefs based on what was round us at the time and very likely to be highly inappropriate or just wrong.

And in some cases those beliefs are reinforced when something happens that does just that – i.e reinforces our belief.

For example.. Let’s say that as a 4 year old child you loved your Mum and Dad very much and then one day your Dad just left and didn’t come back.. You’d be very upset and our immature belief that we form right there is that if you love someone they are going to leave you. Now if someone else in the family leaves or even dies – then that belief that you had has just been reinforced. And a reinforced belief is likely to stick in your mind. Love = leaving = pain. And of course your super obliging mind is there to take care of your safety and does not want you to feel pain, so you will be steered away from Love.

And of course there are many hundreds, even thousands of examples I could use here – but it really can be that simple.

Probably one of the most common and arguably the most frustrating scenarios is when a child is criticised – even if they have had loving parents and did not in any way doubt that they had a happy childhood, the well meant “criticism” from the parent has formed a belief in themselves that they are not worthy. When a child grows into an adult who does not love themselves….then they can never truly love others.

You keep repeating these patterns because you don’t understand (and can’t remember) when this belief was formed.

This is when it becomes an issue and may even lead to a whole host of other issues such as procrastination, low self esteem, jealousy/trying to bring others down because you don’t feel good about yourself, even ill health, weight issues and eventually depression.

RTT works by simply taking you into a relaxed state of hypnosis (contrary to popular belief you are still fully in control and could never do or say anything that you didn’t want to!) and then whilst in this state your mind is able to access the 95% of your sub conscious mind that you can’t remember. Your mind is like a computer hard drive and stores every single thing that has ever happened to you so with a skilled RTT specialist we are able to uncover the root cause of your belief through various scenes that we ask the mind to take us to.

Then all we do is reveal and then change, reframe, or discard the inhibiting belief into a new positive and “adult” belief that will serve you and put you on the path to what you truly want and deserve.

And the best thing? – It’s FAST!

Often you can do this in just 1 x 90 minute session (although deep rooted issues may take up to a maximum of 3 sessions). AND…..we can do this wherever you are in the world as we can run effective sessions over a video call or if you are local, then I have a once a week clinic above the Doctors surgery in our village, or even in your home if you prefer.

For a free 20 minute consultation to see if this could work for you and to learn some simple techniques to help you – simply click the link below and schedule your call. – I’d love to help you.