Treating Weight Problems with Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)

“Freeing You From Repetitive Behaviours and Blocks To Allow You To Reach Your Ideal Weight and Enjoy Life to the Max”

If you’ve ever tried to shed excess weight (and succeeded) and then put it all back on again only to repeat the cycle over and over – or if you struggle to gain weight, or if you have eating disorders such as bulimia then it may not be your fault.

Here’s why.

When you find yourself stuck in a rut with some kind of weight issue or eating disorder and even if you feel like you may have cracked it……but then you go back to exactly how you were before, then you may find this interesting.

But let me start with this first.

This is NOT how it always has to be – I promise you.
You really CAN change the weight issue you have – you just have to make it “unfamiliar” to your mind.

In order to understand that last statement – let me share with you a couple of “Rules” of how your mind works that you may not know about.

There are quite a few “Rules of the Mind’…..but we will focus on the three most relevant ones here.

Crucial Rule of the Mind #1

1) The Mind will always move you towards what is “familiar”

Your brain is actually hard wired to keep returning you to what is “familiar” which is why you keep repeating the same pattern of behaviour.

If you’re interested, here’s why (if not, skip ahead to point 2!).

Back in our early primitive days – it was not a good idea to head out of our Tribes because it was dangerous. We stuck with what was familiar because it was safe, and ultimately our minds are there to protect us. So that tendency towards familiarity is now genetically programmed in us as a “default” when we don’t control our minds voluntarily. When we are babies, we like the same foods, we watch the same movies over and over because we are programmed and hard wired towards familiarity and we reject what is unfamiliar. Some people will even reject love, reject wealth and reject success if it is ‘unfamiliar’ to them.

Crucial Rule of the Mind #2

2) The pictures we put in our mind and the words that we say to ourselves actually control our thoughts, emotions and actions.

Now bear with me here because we’ve all heard that we need to think positively, and everything will be ok…..hmmm but it doesn’t always work does it…….?!!

But here’s what we CAN control in life.

Nothing…..except……our thoughts!!

Every action we take, is first controlled by a thought. If we want to change our outcomes – we need to change the words and the pictures we put in our minds (our thoughts) which then changes our actions which then changes our outcomes.

Your Thoughts control your emotions,
Your emotions control your actions,
Your actions determine your outcomes

Okay so wow – that’s a powerful one right? And if it’s the first time you’ve ever come across this then you might wonder why you don’t get taught this at school. (Yep!! I wonder about that too! – hence once I discovered this, I was SO keen to get this out into the world and share it because it literally transformed my life!)

Sooooooo if your mind works on the “default” or the “familiar” – then it’s not your fault because you didn’t know about it until now.

BUT….if you are putting negative images or words into your minds ………then oh yeah…’re doing this to yourself (sorry!) – but once again – it’s not your fault. Because no-one ever told you that.

So there you go! Just think positively about the sort of body image you want and it will magically appear.

Hmmm, well even I’m going to tell you it isn’t THAT simple…….but it IS ‘fixable’ – Trust me, I’ll explain.

Why Weight issues are not usually Weight Issues

Clients who come to me with weight issues very rarely actually have a weight issue. It’s the thought that they have created around certain beliefs and certain foods that is linked to emotions that is controlling their actions. Think about when you’re stressed, too busy to cook, or maybe upset – do you usually go for one particular type of food? There will be a link somewhere to a belief that you created.

Crucial Rule of the Mind #3

3) . Your mind cannot hold two contradicting thoughts at the same time.

You’re looking at the pizza and you’re looking at a salad. You know that you want the pizza and you’re tired and stressed and it smells great and it’s so easy……but you also know you should have the salad if you want to shed weight.

When you’re in a dilemma when your mind is telling you one thing but your heart is telling you another …..which one wins? Emotion or logic?

If you are not putting a postitive and emotional link in to your mind then you will be on “default” mode and which one wins…..?


Every single time – BUT you may not even be aware that your mind linked an emotion to something that happened years ago.

Unless you are consciously aware of what you are telling your mind your mind’s default will be emotion that is attached to a belief that we could have made when we were just a small child that we cannot remember.

So to illustrate this point – let me tell you about “Joanne” (name changed) who is a real life RTT client.

Case Study – “Joanne”

Joanne is an entrepreneur and a very sharp business minded woman but she was very overweight. She came to me saying that no diet ever seemed to work for her. She had even spent time at a camp for 6 weeks where they usually have success stories of 5 – 6 stone weight loss. Nothing worked for her and she didn’t even feel that she ate that much.

Joanne told me that she had been able to shed weight 3 times before in her life, but each time she put it back on, she put it all back on AND gained another stone to drop the next time. This sent her into a spiral of unhappiness, self hate and then she noticed that her business suffered too and she lost all confidence.

She heard about RTT and we had a conversation about it.

We did a little quiz with her to find out what type of eater she was and I found out a little about her background.

Joanne struggled to relax and was worried about hypnosis as she felt she was a “control freak” (her words not mine 😉 ), so we worked on her anxiety first because everyone can be hypnotized – it is merely a relaxed state of mind where you are still fully aware of what is going on around you and cannot do anything that you don’t want to do – just incase you were worried about that too. And in fact if you just lift your eyes right up as if you are looking into your eyebrows and keep like that for 20 – 30 seconds or so whilst breathing deeply you are actually in a gentle state of hypnosis – just so you know !!

Anyway – back to Joanne.

During the relaxed state of hypnosis she brought up a memory of being with her best friend around about the age of 9. She was laughing a lot and having fun but the next day she never saw her again. As a young child this was devastating.
Her belief formed at that age – if you care for someone deeply, they will leave.

In our second and final session we explored this more deeply and we were able to find the root cause of her eating, her emotional issues, her business issues AND her business procrastination – all in one devastating scene that she saw when in hypnotic regression.

Without going into the full details – she had a happy event (her own engagement) at the exact same weekend that something devastating happened in her life in the form of the loss of her brother. Her young mind had already formed the belief that if you have fun and care for someone they leave. And now at aged 21 when everything had been going so well for her and she was truly happy – her mind suddenly had this belief reinforced…..with devastating consequences.
New reinforced and strengthened belief formed – allowing herself to be happy meant excruciating pain!

For the next 24 years, her mind tried to “protect” her from the excruciating pain she had felt, by keeping her away from happiness. In her love life, in her career, in her health, in her looks and weight. This one belief that had been formed when she was 9 and then reinforced years later had been solely responsible for the repeated patterns of her behaviour in all areas of her life.

During the session Joanne felt a massive release as if something extremely heavy that had been weighing her down was leaving her body and she felt ‘lighter’ and elated after her session. Her transformation since then has been incredible and she is finally free.

Now Joanne’s case was extreme and I’m not saying that every weight issue is this complex or dramatic. A more recent case of obesity I’ve had was simply down to the woman being told by everyone that she was “just like her Mother” (her mother was always overweight and always blamed bread!)

At an early age we are hard wired to “Find connection” and “Avoid Rejection” – our relationship with our parents is key and when told we are like our parents – we find this pleasing. So her mind decided that this was “familiar” and was a good thing. And as the thought was always reinforced by others commenting on the likeness to her Mother (AND…even being introduced as the chubby one of the two daughters) – her mind decided that this was her destiny. Once we released this thought and replaced it with much more healthy thoughts about being her perfect weight, and that she created her own destiny – she was released from the years of being overweight.

Why RTT is SO Effective

Because many of our beliefs are built up in our minds between the ages of 0 to 7 years old they would be ‘immature’ beliefs based on what was round us at the time and very likely to be highly inappropriate or just wrong. In most cases where they are not re-inforced, we are able to let those beliefs go as we learn new beliefs – for example Father Christmas!

But in some cases those immature beliefs are reinforced when something happens that does just that – i.e reinforces our belief like it did for ‘Joanne’. When our mind has something reinforced, it tends to then make huge assumptions and the issue becomes more exaggerated.

For example – one client had terrible hayfever. During regression he went back to a scene where he had been stung by a plant (probably a stinging nettle!) when he was young. This was reinforced when another type of plant cut him or stung him. His mind then decided that he should be kept away from ALL plants and came up with the physical manifestation of hay fever. YES – our minds really ARE that clever!!

But in the excess weight cases, you keep repeating these patterns because you don’t understand (and can’t remember) when this belief was formed.

This is when it becomes an issue and may even lead to a whole host of other issues such as self confidence, ill health, general feeling of failure which then leads to poor career choices problems in relationships and even depression and anxiety.

What happens in an RTT session?

RTT works by simply taking you into a relaxed state of hypnosis (contrary to popular belief you are still fully in control and could never do or say anything that you didn’t want to!) and then whilst in this state your mind is able to access the 90% of your sub conscious mind that you can’t remember. Your mind is like a computer hard drive and stores every single thing that has ever happened to you so with a skilled RTT specialist we are able to uncover the root cause of your belief.

Then all we do is change it or discard the inhibiting belief into a new positive and “adult” belief that will serve you and put you on the path to what you truly want and deserve.

And the best thing? – It’s FAST!

Often you can do this in just 1 x 90 minute session (although deep rooted issues may take up to a maximum of 3 sessions). AND…..we can do this wherever you are in the world. Sessions can be run via Skype/Zoom Nationally and Internationally or locally in person at one of my Clinics in Surrey.

For a free 20 minute consultation and to take the “What Type of Eater am I” quiz and get some useful tips on how to help yourself that you’ve probably never heard before – simply click the link below and schedule your call. – I’d love to help you and you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain (except weight….unless you want to!).

Or….you could go another few years missing out on things because of your weight and maybe even suffering from ill health too. What are you missing out on because of your weight?

Just request a call and find out how this could work for you.