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One of the most common issues that is being presented to me in my Practice right now is for Anxiety and/or Depression or Stress related issues.

My clients report experiencing one or many of the following symptoms:

  • Sweaty palms
  • Racing heart and palpitations
  • Horrible sick feeling in the stomach
  • Shaking
  • A feeling of “disconnection”
  • Not wanting to go out to social events
  • Unable to sleep
  • Feeling overwhelmed with everything
  • Feelings of not being able to cope 
  • A feeling of “I’m a sensible logical person – why can’t I just get rid of this on my own….”

And many others….

The truth is – when it strikes, Anxiety and or Depression can be very debilitating – I know….because I had it for a short while too.

Now pretty much everyone has suffered from some sort of anxiety or stress in their lives at some point – for most, it is something that crops up occasionally that is an irritation rather than a completely debilitating condition.  But for some, Anxiety and stress has become a way of life that is literally crippling their life and their business and holding them back from the living the life they really want to.

Anxiety may even start small and then manifest as something like a sudden fear of flying, driving, social engagements or doing presentations or speaking engagements, but then may get worse and worse.

So What is Anxiety and Depression and how does it Differ from Stress?

Stress is usually a response to an external situation such as too much work, not enough time, getting stuck in traffic when you’re already late etc  whereas Anxiety often has a physical manifestation such as racing heart, sweating, adrenaline pumping and usually has an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach to go with it.

Often Anxiety will make the person want to avoid something that is perceived to be a trigger or the cause the anxiety eg a social anxiety client may choose to avoid  attending events where meeting new people or going to new places would occur.

Depression is often a term that is branded around just as much as Anxiety, but the main difference with depression is that it has less physical symptoms but sometimes more severe mental ones.  For example the client may feel that there is “just no point” in trying something because nothing will ever change.  There will be feelings of low self worth and that the future is pointless.

In my Practice I find it easier to explain to my clients that Anxiety is when your mind is living in the future (always wondering “what if…..this happens”) whereas Depression is living in the past with memories that are not allowing them to be able to be positive about the future being any different.

And of course to live our fully abundant life with our best self….we need to be living in the PRESENT and being fully aware and appreciative of what we have with us and in front of us right NOW.


Traditional Treatment for Anxiety and Depression

Well here’s the thing. If you go to the Doctors – they will probably give you anti-depressants or sleeping tablets if you are struggling to sleep as a result.  If you’re lucky you may get offered some counselling or some Talk Therapy such as CBT so that you can talk over your symptoms and how you are feeling.   They may give you some practical “coping” tips for managing the physical symptoms and for some people this really helps as do sleeping tablets if you are really struggling to sleep.

But in the main…..the treatments that are widely available only ever address the symptoms and NOT the root cause.

And that’s exactly why, when I trained to be an RTT therapist, there were numerous GPs also on the course.  Because they KNOW that up to 75% of the patients who come into their Practice are either:

a) suffering from the secondary effects of anxiety, depression or stress OR

b) cannot be fixed by drugs because their conditions are caused by something going on in their lives.

The problem is very real for a LOT and (worryingly) an increasing amount of young people which is why I want to address it today – so please share this article using the share buttons at the bottom of this post with anyone you know who is suffering, because there really IS something you can do and you really CAN be free of Anxiety and Depression.


My Unique Brand of Holistic Treatment for Anxiety

Rapid Transformation Therapy addresses the ROOT CAUSE of the reason that your mind has created the anxiety.

Here’s the important bit…..

In almost ALL cases, you were NOT born with Anxiety or Depression.

In the first 7 years of our lives, we are in our “programming” stage where our brain activity is in Theta (hypnosis) brain waves.  Think about it – as children, we need to know how to do things, so we are literally absorbing information around us at an incredibly high rate.

But at ages 0-7 we are not capable of really understanding or being able to deal with our emotions.  We look to our parents or carers for help with this.  As children, we have ingrained “needs” that date back to our Tribal days to ensure that we survive and become integrated and make connections with our carers.  If we don’t have these needs met….then this is when our mind steps in to create a warning.

And our minds are so incredibly powerful, that this can take on all manner of things to protect us from alienation from our “Tribe” from illnesses, behavioural disorders, skin conditions and of course Anxiety and Depression to warn us.

And so if you weren’t born with Anxiety or Depression and have developed it – then it means that your mind has created this,  and is now acting on it as a ‘learned behaviour’ – a habit.

Yes you read that right – your own mind has created this “part” of you – the “Anxiety” in order to put you on high alert to cope with something that happened to you that you didn’t know how to deal with when you were a child.

Essentially – you had an unmet need that was too painful for you to deal with as a child.

When this happens….your mind steps in to protect you and will literally create a “diversion” to warn you and this has now been stored in your mind and is creating your beliefs AND your behavioural patterns.

Then later on when an event that was similar to the original “feeling” crops up again – the mind will alert your “fight /flight” mechanism – your warning system because it does not want you to go through the same pain that you did before.

And this is exactly what it should do, but remember if you were operating on a belief that was scary to you as a 5 or 6 year old child….then it is likely to be outdated now and something that really as an adult you would be able to deal with.

But it’s too late…..

It’s already a little neural pathway that lights up in your brain when the same feeling or event is triggered and the more it is activated and you respond to it…..the worse it gets.

Every physical manifestation of anxiety and depression, is first controlled by a THOUGHT in response to a circumstance that has presented in front of you.

Thoughts ==>Emotions ==> Actions ==> Outcomes

Let me give you an example.

Two girls walking down the road together and all of a sudden they both see a dog running towards them.  One goes into a panic attack and the other looks lovingly at the dog.


Because one of them might have been terrorised by a dog when she was younger and therefore her mind has stored this and KNOWS that this is dangerous for her – whereas the other girl only has wonderful thoughts about dogs because she has only ever had good experiences.

Makes sense right?

So it is the THOUGHT that is based on our upbringing and events that happen to us (most often in our childhood) that triggers the emotional response.  And with depression, this can take on a more sinister feeling as the thoughts become “looping thoughts” and you feel overwhelmed, tired and unable to utilise your body’s energy properly resulting in feelings of low self worth.

So the good news is ….that if you recognize the thought when it is coming then you might be able to change it or interrupt it before it becomes a looping thought which spirals out of control.

And if you think that this is easier said than done, then you’re right….!!
But…. there is something that you can do.

The key is to find out what is the ROOT CAUSE of the feeling that triggers the anxiety or panic attack……because there is one.   And this is the hardest part for many but this is why RTT is SO effective.


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Client Case Study – Anxiety and IBS

I had a young client recently who had a busy and stressful lifestyle with a high powered Corporate job in the City.

She had some quite major anxiety symptoms that prevented her from spending time with her friends and her boyfriend, but also had Irritable Bowel (IBS) and numerous food allergies.  She was only 22 years old.

Every single day in my Practice I am amazed by the variety of what comes up as the ROOT CAUSE of anxiety.  No two cases are the same….but they often have the same underlying feeling of not being safe when they were a child.  When the feeling is established, the child (Usually between the age of 0-7 years old) makes a belief which is stored in the mind.  When the feeling is repeated or reinforced at any time only THEN does it become an issue for the client as the mind creates a bigger neural pathway of things that are going wrong – quite literally linking and lighting up neurones in the brain.

So my client had tried so much to help herself including various drugs and therapies but seemed to be getting worse.  Yet when I met her, I was surprised to see such a lovely natured bubbly young woman in front of me who had the whole world ahead of her…..if only she could be free of the irritating and debilitating condition that was holding her back in all areas of her life.   I knew that if she could be free of this, she would be a shining star and I was delighted to be able to help her.

She had told me that she felt everything had been started when she had an episode of food poisoning.

And she was sort of right…..

Except that this was just the trigger. 

The ROOT CAUSE was in fact so much more interesting and we actually laughed about it afterwards.

Your subconscious mind is like a massive computer hard drive and has stored every single thing that has happened to you since your brain was created in the womb.  Unfortunately we are not able to tap into our sub conscious mind very easily otherwise we would be overwhelmed.  

But under a light hypnosis, I was able to quieten her conscious mind and I spoke to her unconscious mind where it was revealed that her Mum had been hyper vigilant for cleanliness when she was a young child which had made her slightly more observant than usual about general hygiene in other people’s houses, in restaurants and in bars and cafes.

The root cause of the anxiety was fairly straight forward – her mind took us to several scenes where she was away from home and an accident had ensued that involved her getting hurt.  Once bitten badly by a donkey, once with an accident involving a brick wall and a painful and scary trip to hospital etc  – the child version of herself made the belief that  “It was NOT safe to be outside or away from home” – hence her mind created the allergies and anxiety to keep her indoors where it was “safe” .

Yep….that’s what our minds are capable of!!!!

But it was the IBS that was the most interesting.

My client’s mind took us back to a scene where she had been at a friends house and was having dinner.  She recalled her most significant scene to be where a dog had taken some food from an adult plate and had licked the plate.  Now it was not the scene that was so crucially significant – it is always the feeling and the belief that is formed.  So when I asked her what that feeling was and what the belief was – it was quite simple.  It had made her feel so disgusted and physically sick that the dog had eaten off a human plate and the belief she created right there was that she should only ever eat at home where she could be sure of the cleanliness and where it would be safe.

She was also able to recall other scenes when she was very young where people had sneezed or where food was left out for flies, that had made her feel unsafe.

Much later on she had the food poisoning episode that she perceived to be the cause of when her IBS and her issues started….this was in fact the reinforcement of the original belief that it was unsafe to eat anywhere outside of the home.

So it was then stored as a neural pathway and a “blueprint” for the mind to follow.

In following the new “blueprint” her mind came up with a “solution” to keep her safe.  As we know, the mind controls every cell in the body and all the bodily functions and so it set to work to create food intolerances and embarrassing IBS symptoms so that she never wanted to go out and eat and had to pre-prepare all of her own food at home!

My clients symptoms for her IBS started to get better even from day one after our session and two weeks later her anxiety is dramatically improved and she is slowly starting to introduce some foods back into her diet which used to trigger the IBS previously.   

She is now a much happier young woman who is starting to get her life back again and I have numerous similar cases of Anxiety that all have a different root cause.

So if you or anyone you know suffers from stress or anxiety or phobias or blocks of any kind, then please share this article with them and get them to schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation with me and I’ll also send them a FREE copy of my Top Ten Tips to Clear Anxiety.

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