Finding Your Passion & Purpose in Life

Are you living your life with passion and purpose?

Over 60% of professional women are feeling unfulfilled – their soul is crying out for more purpose and more meaning according to a recent survey.  I actually did my own survey of professional women and stay at home Mums and working Mums and found it to be even higher!!

These women are not unhappy – they just feel like life has more to offer than they are currently experiencing. They just feel their soul tugging them to say that they have a bigger purpose to fulfil.

Hi my name is Nicky – and if you’ve ever felt that there is something missing in your life, maybe a calling to do more, contribute more, or whether there’s a skill or something creative you feel bubbling away inside that you need to share with the world, then you’re not alone.

For some women it may even just be that you want to feel a deeper connection within your relationships, or maybe just finding that one special romantic relationship.

Whatever it is, it’s very clear that many women feel the same….that we’re missing something in our lives.


But we feel guilty for even having that feeling because we’ve achieved success at work, or have a beautiful family and already have so much and should be happy with what we’ve got…..right?


The Shift….


There’s a powerful awakening happening amongst women just like you right now. “Lockdown’ has forced us to evaluate everything in our lives and take a look at ourselves and how we’re showing up in our lives and what’s important – we may be being pulled in many directions and fulfilling many roles, but still we know that we want to feel, do and be more.


But you don’t know what to do about it, or where to start, because you can’t even pinpoint exactly what it is. You just know.


Whether it’s a change in your career, a more intimate and satisfying love life, better energy and health, more fun, or maybe you have a creative business or community idea or a product, book or song that you feel bubbling away inside you – whatever it is….it’s important to understand that you CAN and SHOULD take action on this feeling.


There’s never been a better time than NOW to make this time count and identify what your soul is calling you to do.

“Find Your Purpose”

If you find yourself:

– Feeling a bit anxious and /or stressed about your life passing you by too quickly
–  Have a deep feeling that you’re here for more – yearning for more intimacy , more connection in your relationships and more purpose and contribution in your life
–  Maybe you find yourself procrastinating about things you know you should be doing because you’re bored, uninspired and lacking motivation
–  Maybe you even feel a bit  isolated – like you should be grateful for what you have and that no-one really understands.

I can help….because I know exactly how you’re feeling as that was me about 5 years ago and now I live my life with passion and purpose and have never been happier about what I do.  
Just take a peek!!  Live your life with passion and purpose –   Click Here ==>