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More and more women are feeling disconnected in their 9-5

But should they care, and act on it….or just “get on with it”?

I love this….here’s why

Because I was one of those women – I felt so disconnected and misaligned to what I was doing that it was starting to cause me some anxiety.

I’d been in a Corporate environment most of my working life – I’d done the travel, the office, the home – I even did the ‘part time’ role after I had my children.  I was always treated well and honestly had nothing at all in my life to complain about.

To the outside world, I had it pretty good – a well paid role, a great boss, a comfortable home, a husband, two healthy children, a dog and lots of friends.

But inside I was feeling so unfulfilled, so bored, lacking in passion and purpose and I just didn’t know what to do about it. 

I had a deeper inner yearning for something that would “light me up” – I felt that I was NOT here to be doing what I was doing. 

I felt like I was here for more.

But the trouble was, I just didn’t have a clue what it was.

And here’s the funny thing.

When you start to feel like that – nothing on the OUTSIDE of you is going to make you feel better.

No experience, no adrenaline rush of doing something risky like parascending from the top of a mountain or racing horses across the beach is going to make you feel better in the long term (although both of those are a pretty good adrenaline rush, I’m not going to lie 😉 ) – because the problem is on the INSIDE of you.

It’s like your soul is calling to you to do something, but you can’t see what it is and you feel too scared to do anything that doesn’t fit in with everything you’ve ever done before.

But what I learned, is that if you don’t respond to the gentle nudge you’re getting from the Universe that you need to change something – then the Universe suddenly gives you a MASSIVE shake up.

And it’s not very pleasant…..and I don’t recommend it.

What I discovered ‘though, was that I am more resilient, more creative, more determined (and maybe more stubborn) than I ever knew.

And when I stopped looking on the outside and started looking inwards – things came to me that I could not have explained, planned or strategised about in my conscious (thinking) mind.

And what’s more it’s actually quite a simple shift of mindset that takes you away from the masculine energy of strategy and towards the feminine energy of intuition.

So if you’re even starting to feel like you may be here for more, but you can’t figure out what they may be – then this may help….Click Here


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