“Exam Stress”

If there is a “Teen” in your house who is suffering from exam stress, then please do as much as you can to take the pressure OFF and not put more on.

This post is not giving advice on how to eat well or study in preparation. A simple search engine trawl will give you some tips to pass on to your young adult. What I AM going to talk about is what to do if you notice your child becoming withdrawn, anxious or depressed as it is becoming increasingly common especially at this time of year as we approach end of year exams or GCSEs and A Levels.

So firstly what are the symptoms?

Symptoms can be varied, but it’s important to note what is “normal” compared to their usual behaviour. So if you suddenly sense your child is sad (maybe even crying), showing signs of frequent bouts of anger or outbursts (more than normal!), maybe even withdrawal from family activities, or worse…withdrawal from their friends, then these are all signs to look out for.

Losing interest in things that they would normally find interesting, or losing the ability to sleep are also signs that all is not well and especially if they suddenly start to feel hopeless and start wondering what the point of everything is.

These are all warning signs that your child COULD be suffering some anxiety or stress about impending exams.

If you are worried about your teenager, or know someone who is, then during April and May I am offering a half price RTT session (which includes a personalised audio hypnosis recording) that will help immensely with exam stress and/or anxiety.

Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT) helps by getting to the root cause of the anxiety (which is very rarely the actual exams, by the way!!), quietens the mind, refocuses the mind for revision and calms the mind for the exam.

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