After Your RTT

After your RTT Session with Nicky

So now you have had your RTT session with me, you will finally understand that the ROOT cause of your issue was a belief(s) that you carried that nine times out of ten has originated from when you were a child.  These outdated beliefs have created your ‘patterns’ of behaviour as your sub-conscious mind drew on its experience from the past.  And the original feeling and the subsequent belief created as a child was almost certainly down to you having an “unmet” need.

Let me explain as it was quite a lot to take in on the day of your session and you may not be aware of some of this.

We all have essential needs as part of the human race.  We were born with them hardwired into our brain.   And as our brains have only evolved about 1% since our primitive caveman days – then some of our needs may seem outdated in today’s world. But…if we fail to meet these needs, then our brain will do anything to keep us alive, even if it means making us unhappy.

The three most common primitive needs we have are:

  • Feeling connection with our parents/guardians (without it we would die)
  • To “fit in” and be the same as everyone else – we MUST avoid rejection (without it we would have been excluded from the Tribe and we would probably die)
  • We must feel like we “belong” and have a place

And in 99% of cases, we are born with the absolute belief that ALL of these needs WILL be met.  So we are literally born with the correct beliefs that will give us an extraordinary uncompromised life.

BUT – we are heavily dependent on what is going on around us as a child and in our efforts to “fit in” and find our place – we ‘take on’ the beliefs of the most influential people or events around us.  More often than not it is the parents and the home environment or the teachers and school environment that shapes our early beliefs.

And this is where the problems potentially start.

Now this isn’t a disaster even if you had the most awful childhood…..because if you were ever in the environment where Father Christmas played a key part to your December…..then around about the age of 9/10 – you would have started to question the validity of this man and what he could achieve!!!

So once you question a belief… ARE able to overcome it and disregard it.

And even in the worst cases of domestic violence, abuse, trauma – some people are able to overcome this on their own – but many can’t…..and it ends up shaping their lives in a very unproductive way.

So in the same way that you would NOT want to wear the same clothes as you did when you were 4 or 8 years old… don’t want to carry on believing the same things that you did back then when you were very reliant on your parents or other key influencers opinions and actions in your life at that time.

You have to question those beliefs and then let them go – which is exactly what we did in your RTT session.

In understanding what circumstances created your belief that created the issue you had, you are now well on your way to not only fixing THIS issue, but also any other issue that you may have some blocks for.

But …….

The audio plays a significant part for you in breaking the habit of behaviour that you have taken on in order to deal with whatever your issue was.


So for example – if you came to me with anxiety – then this is often (but not always) down to feeling “unsafe” in a particular scene as a child.

During the RTT session – the exact scenes that were the most crucial significant scenes to do with this belief that you felt unsafe would have been revealed to you.  We then questioned them and your adult mind was then able to see WHY the anxiety had been created and we would have asked the part to leave.  So now you understand how powerful your mind is that it created this anxiety to keep you on hyper alert whenever you had any similar situations that your mind decided was linked to the original feeling – you now understand that you can move on from this.

However……sometimes the client has become so firmly set in their HABITS that drove the behaviour, then it then becomes the habit they have an issue with.

How to get rid of the HABITS

The audio WILL get create new neural pathways in your brain of the new habits that you want (that you indicated to me prior to the session) and so you will be able to get rid of the over habits if you listen to the audio it regularly – but here’s what you can do to massively speed up the process of healing yourself.

Any time you feel like you find yourself heading backwards towards the action or behavioural issue that you came in for – you need to STOP what you’re doing.  Your mind is trying to drag you back to what is “familiar” (because it likes to do that – in the primitive age, familiarity = safe) – but you now know that this pattern of behaviour is not wanted.  So you STOP.   And you INTERRUPT the thought pattern and QUESTION the thought that has come up.  ANALYSE IT – what is it about this situation that you are in right now that has triggered this old feeling and belief?  Look around you.   ACKNOWLEDGE the feeling or emotion that has come with it and then OVERRIDE that feeling with inner (or out loud!) dialogue with your mind.  This means that you need to LISTEN to your inner chatter that is going on in your head ALL the time.

So here’s how you could do this – using the same example with anxiety as I used before:

Let’s say you are going to an interview and you are sitting outside waiting for your interview to start and you feel a bit nervous of what to expect.  The thought that popped up for you now triggers an immediate response from your brain as a situation that needs your fight/flight mechanism to be triggered, so it fires up the adrenaline, sends cortisone to your limbs and your heart starts racing and then you start to panic even more.  Before you know it you are having a full on panic attack.  So by the time you reach the interview room, you are a nervous wreck with sweaty palms and barely able to speak.

Now prior to your RTT session – this would have all happened so fast that you would not have been able to do anything about it other than deal with the symptoms.

But because you know from your session that your mind had created this anxiety when you were a child to serve a purpose when you felt unsafe (for example) – then you are now able to STOP the thought and question it.

  • STOP
  • BREATHE deeply – when you slow your breathing down it brings you back into “now” and lets your mind know that you are safe (you only breathe slowly when you are relaxed and safe)
  • QUESTION the thought that you are having
  • OVERRIDE the thought by telling your mind you are SAFE (or whatever your own root cause was)
  • TELL your mind what you WANT to feel – BE very clear and specific.
  • You will soon see that with enough practice YOU are in total control of your mind

So in this instance of anxiety – your inner dialogue should be along the lines of.

Okay – I understand what you’re trying to do – but I don’t need your help here – I am completely safe and actually I am excited about this interview because if I get this job, It’s going to mean (xxxx) to me and it will make me very happy.  So what I really need you to do right now is to help me relax and be focused so that I can be my best self.

N.B – (TIP) Your mind cannot actually tell the difference between excitement and fear here – because the physiological response is almost identical – BUT when you tell your mind you’re scared – then you get the fight/flight kicking in – but when you tell your mind you’re excited and focused -then it will send the blood to your brain (and not your limbs and lungs) so that you can indeed focus and give the best possible outcome.

In doing this EVERY time – you will kick the habit that is driving the behaviour very quickly.

Your mind is listening to YOU all the time and when you are not giving it specific and direct commands it means you are operating on DEFAULT which could be some very OLD beliefs that have been created at a very early age.

So remember……If you are getting issues that you DON’T want in your life then it is essential to “interrupt” the thought pattern that you are having:

  • STOP
  • BREATHE deeply
  • QUESTION the thought that you are having
  • OVERRIDE the thought
  • TELL your mind what you WANT to feel (NOT what you DON’T want)– BE very clear and specific.
  • Take back control

If you take nothing else from this handout …….PLEASE listen to your inner chatter and ensure that what you are telling yourself – is all good!!

Did you find that interesting?  If so I have explained a little more below, but if this is the first time that you have come across any of this, and it interests you, then do let me know:

Here’s how it all works – The Facts!

If you are a logical person like me…..then you will want to hear the evidence, so let me provide this in very basic and simplified terms for you here, but there are many, many books around this topic of the Law of Attraction and Neuroplasticity out there and a number of YouTube channels all dedicated to the topic of how our mind works to give us what we want.

In our most “raw” scientific form – we (human beings) are nothing more than very fast vibrating energy atoms and the energy frequency that we vibrate at determines what we bring into our lives – good and bad.

Ever noticed how some people walk in a room and literally light it up with their “vibe” – yet others go quietly unnoticed….or worse, you feel a bad “vibe” when they walk in the room?

Well this is quite literally the energetic frequency that they are operating from and it can be detected by others which creates a “feeling” within you.

If you are also on a low level frequency, then you will attract people and things that are also on this low frequency.  Operate at a high level and you will notice that so many more good things come into your life.

So how do we operate at a high frequency?

What we actually SEE around us is interpreted by our minds potentially in a completely different way to someone else standing next to us looking at the same scene.   We process the circumstances going on around us and we make thoughts and beliefs based on our “conditioning” that we first started during our most crucially suggestible years of 2-7 years old.


So the most crucial thing for you to understand is that your results that you have in your life right now are a direct reflection of what your innermost thoughts and beliefs are.

When you operate at a “high” vibration of Love, Joy, Peace and Enlightenment (Acceptance and Gratitude) – then you will start to attract a lot more goodness into your life as your consciousness is expanded.  When you operate at very low level vibrations (fear, guilt, shame) then we are quite literally contracting our consciousness and closing ourselves down to opportunities and all the good things.

If you would like to find out more about the Law of Attraction and how you can learn to manifest what you want in life then I can recommend the following simple to digest mini course – take a peek – Click Here. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have.

Don’t forget – listen to that inner chatter going on and switch it up!!!

Wishing you an abundant life of happiness, joy and love!

Nicky Price

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